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Patient Testimonials

Ricardo Herrera is Living Better After Weight Loss Surgery with Northwest Healthcare

Ricardo Herrera before surgery (left) and after surgery (right).

Ricardo Herrera, at 31 years old and 524 pounds, had struggled hard since elementary school to try and slim down. Living life at his weight was especially painful and frustrating because of his job as a plumber, which meant he had to stand, kneel, climb, and crawl for long periods of time. He couldn’t find clothes big enough to fit, and he was self-conscious and shy in social situations.

After trying many different diets, Ricardo watched as one of his family members found a new life after weight loss surgery with Northwest Healthcare’s Dr. Patrick Chiasson, M.D., FRCS, FACS. So, although he lived two hours away from Northwest Medical Center, he gathered his courage and made the drive.

Dr. Chiasson and Ricardo agreed that a procedure called the duodenal switch was his best option. This surgery combines a gastrectomy (removal of part of the stomach) with an intestinal bypass, which makes the path food takes through the intestines shorter.

So, in August of 2021, Ricardo drove two hours from Douglas, Ariz., to Northwest Medical Center, ready for surgery and motivated by a brand-new vision for his future.

“I hoped for the best, and I got it,” he said eight months later. “I got up on a roof for the first time recently, which I was never able to do. And now, at the end of the day, my feet aren’t hurting like they did before.”

Ricardo has lost more than 230 pounds since his surgery, and is now well on his way to his goal weight.

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Chiasson – he’s a great doctor,” Ricardo said. “He explained everything, answered all my questions and assured me that everything would be all right – and it was.”

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